The following policies govern the way Rodborough Playgroup is run.  All parents should make themseleves familiar with our policies.  Please take the time to download and read them.  There is a printed copy of each policy document available at playgroup.  All new parents will be asked to sign a declaration to say they have read these policies.

P 1.1 Safeguarding Child Policy (child protection).pdf
P 1.2 EYFS Policy.pdf
P 1.3 Camera and Mobile Phone Policy.pdf
P 1.4 Lost or missing child policy.pdf
P 1.5 Food and Drink Policy.pdf
P 1.6 Health and Safety of Staff and Adults Policy.pdf
P 1.7 Health and Safety (premises environment and equipment) Policy.pdf
P 1.8 Behaviour Policy.pdf
P 1.9 Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy.pdf
P 1.10 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy
P 1.11 E-Safety Policy and Procedure
P 1.12 Sun Cream Policy
P 1.13 Administering Medicines Policy
P 1.14 First Aid, Accident and Emergency Policy

P 2.1 Admissions policy.pdf
P 2.2 Parents as Partners Policy.pdf
P 2.3 Non-collection of Child Policy.pdf
P 2.4 Extreme Weather Policy.pdf
P 2.5 Complaints Policy.pdf
P 2.6 Payment Policy.pdf
P 2.7 Confidentiality Policy.pdf
P 2.8 Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf
P 2.9 Attendance Policy
P 2.10 Bereavement, Loss and Change Policy
P 2.11 Peer on Peer Abuse Policy
P 2.12 Anti Bullying Policy

P 3.1 Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf
P 3.2 Supervision Policy.pdf
P 3.3 Management of Money policy.pdf
P 3.4 Reserves Policy.pdf
P 3.5 Expenses and Petty Cash Policy.pdf
P 3.6 Environmental Policy.pdf
P 3.7 Disciplinary Procedure.pdf
P 3.8 Grievance Procedure.pdf
P 3.9 Incident Reporting Policy
P 3.10 Whistleblowing Policy

P 4.1 Operating during Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Parental Agreement Form