Home learning activities - January 2021 Lockdown

For all children staying at home during this third national lockdown please click the links below to access resources:

Week 2 - information sheet    Week 2 - activity sheet    Week 2 - music/song    Week 2 - letter formation practice sheet

Week 3 - hello everybody!    Week 3 - counting   Week 3 - activity sheet

Have fun and please upload how you get on to Tapestry!

A typical session

Each session at playgroup is different but each follows a familiar pattern and routine, which helps children feel secure as well as stimulated.  Details of daily activities and the week's goals are posted on the notice board on the landing, outside the kitchen. 

Sessions begin in a relaxed manner, allowing every child to arrive, settle and play before circle time begins. This involves all children sitting together with staff and parent helpers, the taking of the register and an informal discussion about the current topic and what children will be doing that day. Circle time ends with a song and children dispersing to play at their chosen activity. Weather permitting we also use the outdoor play area.

After tidy up time and a visit to the toilet, we wash our hands and have snack time. We ask all parents to bring a piece of fruit or vegetable (apples, bananas, carrots etc.) which is put in a bowl on arrival. The parent on duty prepares this, and milk or water is offered as a drink, plus a carbohydrate snack such as crackers.

Once snack time is over there is time for floor play (blocks, trains, cars etc), and/or a story. Children will be able to do some more physical activity such as play with musical instruments, balls, ride-on toys or climbing equipment.

At the end of the session all the children gather together again. If there's time they may have another short story before finishing with our goodbye song. Parents are then allowed in to collect the children.

A few times every term we have visitors from outside playgroup such as Music Monsters, Kick-a-bout football, Slimbridge or Magic Marie. There is no extra charge for these activities.

Extra sessions

If you would like to book your child into a one-off extra session please speak to the Playleader. Extra sessions can be booked either in advance or on the day and are subject to availability. All extra sessions will be invoiced for on a monthly basis as the ‘15 hours’ grant does not cover one-off sessions.

Settling your child

In our experience, a recommended settling-in period for a child who is new to playgroup is a week or two (depending on how often s/he attends each week). We suggest that your child attend at least two sessions per week to enable them to settle more easily into the playgroup's routine.

Staff are keen to work in partnership with you on this issue so please speak to them if you need advice. You are welcome to stay with your child for the first few sessions if you wish.

Dropping off and collecting your child

In the morning drop off is between 8.45 and 9.15. For the afternoon session drop off is at 12.  A member of staff will ask you (or your nominated adult) to sign your child in. You will then take them upstairs, hang their coat and bag up in the cloakroom area and take them to the main play room upstairs, where the session will start as described above. The door will remain closed and locked once all children are in, so please ensure you arrive on time.

At the end of the session (12:00, 13:00 if staying for lunch, or 15:00 if staying for an afternoon session) the door will be opened and you'll be asked to sign your child out.  You can then collect their coat / bag and go upstairs to collect your child. If someone other than a parent / carer is collecting your child, please let staff know when you drop them off, and tell your child so they know who to expect. We will only allow children to leave with nominated collectors (the ones you named on your enrolment form) so please let us know if you need to add anyone to this list.

One way system

We try to operate a voluntary one-way system in Tabernacle Walk as it is a single track road.  If arriving by car please come down Tabernacle Walk (from the Rodborough Hill end) to playgroup, then when leaving please go round the back of playgroup where you can either go up the hill to rejoin Rodborough Hill, or down the hill to Kingscourt Lane.

Late pick-up

Please ensure your child is collected on time, as it's very important that children and staff are not kept waiting at the end of a session. We operate a scheme of late charges which will come into effect from 5 minutes after the session end time.  We will charge a rate of £5 for every 5 minutes (or part thereof) of delay in collection thereafter.  

Illness and absence

If your child is not going to come to playgroup on a given day, please let us know by phone by 9:30am. If your child is ill, please do not bring them to playgroup, and keep them away for 48 hours after any fever / sickness / diarrhoea etc. has passed.  If staff consider that your child is unwell, they will call you and ask you to collect them.  This is for the well-being of all the children and staff at playgroup.


We welcome all feedback from parents and carers, either good or bad. If you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss them with a member of staff or a committee member.  Please don't think that any concern is too trivial. If you prefer, you can raise any issue by dropping a note into the parent’s box - this is only opened by a member of the committee. We undertake feedback surveys throughout the year to gather feedback from all parents.

Trips and outings

We organise walks on the common and trips out. When we have a walk on the common, we'll ask parents to help with this so that there is one adult for every two children. 

There is usually a trip during the summer term which is open to all children. Parents must accompany their child and siblings are often able to come too.


If your child is in nappies please supply playgroup with new ones, wipes and nappy sacks in a named bag and staff will change your child's nappy if required.

Unfortunately we will have to return the soiled nappies to you, as we do not have a nappy disposal system. If your child needs a nappy change and you have forgotten to leave their bag, we will telephone you and ask you to bring in a new nappy.  We are unable to use any nappies other than the ones supplied by you for your child due to possible allergies.

Fire instructions

It is important that every parent is aware of the fire exits in the case of an emergency or fire drill.

Upstairs room:         Side door onto the church balcony and then downstairs to the church's front entrance.

Downstairs room:    Fire exits are at each corner of the room.

Please make yourself aware of the exits and ask if in doubt. The staff carry a horn at all times. This will be blown long and hard in the event of a fire or drill. In either case, please help to supervise the children to leave the building by the nearest exit and assemble outside at the front of the church where the register will be called. All fire exits must be kept clear.

We have regular fire drill practices so that the children know what to do and how to behave in the unlikely event of a fire.

Special needs

We welcome children and families from all cultures and backgrounds including those who are disabled. We will make whatever reasonable adjustments we can to ensure that everyone is safe, welcome and able to take part. Please do call us on 01453 756141 and speak to our play leader or email our chairperson at chair@rodboroughplaygroup.co.uk to talk through any particular considerations you may have. 

We have a dedicated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator within the staff team.

Making a complaint

In the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint, please contact our playleader or a committee member in the first instance - we hope to be able to resolve any complaint as quickly as possible and within 28 days.  If we are not able to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction then you are able to raise a complaint with Ofsted, by whom we are inspected and overseen.  Details of our complaints procedure are contained within our Policies and Procedures file which is kept in the main room at playgroup.